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Faculty Resources: Information Literacy and Instruction

Welcome faculty! This guide serves as a reference to our resources and services. We hope you'll find this guide a useful tool for your research and teaching needs.

Information Literacy & Instruction

The library fully supports the research needs of students. Librarians are available to provide library instruction to your students. We can design instruction sessions around research assignments, provide database instruction, develop library assignments, or provide general instruction in the use of resources and services.

Basic Skill Set and Outcomes:

  • Identify information needed
    • Outcome: Know how to differentiate between different types of information (popular vs. scholarly, primary vs. secondary); and different formats; internet vs. authoritative resources
  • Identify relevant sources
    • Outcome: Understand how to locate and use library collections, resources, and services; understand how the library is organized.
  • Searching
    • Outcome: Know how to identify key concepts and words; learn how to broaden and narrow keywords.

Research Guides are pages created by librarians and contain organized content to make it easier for patrons to locate relevant information in a more focused and timely manner.

To request library instruction you may submit the following form or email one of the librarians.

Online Instruction Form


Tip Sheets

Library Assignments