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Welcome to the WVU Tech Sociology Research Guide. This guide provides centralized access to the sociolology resources available to WVU Tech students and faculty.
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Emile Durkheim, prominent sociologist of the 20th century

Emile Durkheim, prominent sociologist

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Social Symptoms of Identity Needs

Sociology--What is It?


Sociology is so varied a discipline that it can be identified only very loosely as the study of social relationships, institutions and structures. Not only is this definition loose, it is also negative, for ‘social’ often means, in effect, not distinctly economic, not distinctly political, not distinctly religious and so forth. Although sociologists can trace their intellectual origins back to the Scottish Enlightenmentand beyond, the discipline did not begin to become established until the last quarter of the nineteenth century. Although sociology is concerned with the study of social relationships, institutions and structures, the discipline is a child of industrial capitalism and its predominant field of study is modern Western societies.

From: Carrier, J. G., & CARRIER, J. G. (2009). sociology. In A. Barnard, & J. Spencer (Eds.), Encyclopedia of social and cultural Anthropology (2nd ed.). London, UK: Routledge. Retrieved from

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