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Appalachian Studies: Research Help

This guide was created to help students with finding books, articles, e-resources, or websites related to Appalachian History and a variety of Appalachian Topics

Interlibrary Loan Services (When Tech Library does not have a book or article you need)

Interlibrary Loan Services

ILL services has merged with WVU ILL services in Morgantown. WVU will manage the fullfillment of book and article requests for WVU Tech students, faculty and staff. Items requested will be mailed to your address. You will receive a pre-paid postage label for returning the items. You may also bring borrowed books to the WVU Tech Library and staff will return them to Morgantown. Requests remain FREE to students, faculty and staff. Fees may apply to books not returned or lost.

To request books or articles please login to ILLIAD using your master/mix user ID and password.

Finding Books and Articles

To find articles and ejournals search the library's online catalog WorldCat or search Databases. Please check with librarians to see if any journals or magazines are held in the library.

First, try a simple keyword search such as Appalachia . Keyword searches produce a large amount of results. This type of search is broad and less precise. Fortunately, most online catalogs and databases have features to help you refine your search terms. Refinement features may include author, year, format, content, audience, or sub-topics.

Creating a search strategy:

Next, try Boolean searching. This type of searching allows you to combine keywords using operators AND, OR, and NOT. 

To narrow your results use AND with two or more concepts. Example: Appalachia and Coal Mining 

To broaden your search use OR with synonymous or related words.Example: (poverty or low income) and Appalachia  - the database will search what is included in brackets first and will  produce results to include one result or the other or both. It will then search for the term Appalachia.

Sometimes one of your search terms may produce a list of results that includes articles that are not relevant to your topic. Using the operator NOT eliminates words from your search and reduces the number of results. Example: Moonshine NOT Alcohol . The word Alcohol will be excluded from the search. 

Full-text Databases: refers to electronic resources with access to the complete text of articles in journals, books, newspapers, theses, dissertations, and more..illustrations, graphs, charts, and images may be included.

Appalachia Subjects

Appalachia Subjects - - the following subjects may be used to locate books, ebooks, or articles about Appalachia

Geography & History

Appalachian Region
Appalachian Region historical geography
Appalachian Region History

Mountain people, life and social conditions
Appalachian Region economic conditions
Appalachian Region social life and customs
Appalachian Region - Social Conditions
Appalachians (People)
Mountain life Southern States
Mountain people Appalachian Region History
Rural development Appalachian Region. Southern History
Rural poor Appalachian Region. Southern History

Coal Mining Industry
Coal mines and mining Appalachian Region. Southern
West Virginia Mine Wars
Women coal miners West Virginia

Other Industries
Glass industry
Glass trade Appalachian Region history

Environmental Issues (includes mountaintop removal)

Appalachian region and southern environmental conditions
Human ecology and Appalachian region and Southern history
Natural resources and Appalachian region and Southern history
Nature and effect of human beings and Appalachian region and Southern history
Mountaintop removal mining Appalachian Region

Labor supply Appalachian mountains

Civil War and Post Civil War in the Appalachian Region

American Civil War (1861-1865)
Appalachian Region, Southern history
Civil War and Appalachian
Reconstruction and southern history