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English 101 and 102: Documentation, citations, and so forth

This research guide will help you find quality information to support the ideas you write in your essays. It also provides resources to assist in proper citation.

The Importance of Referencing

Adapted from the original work "Why do we reference?" by UTS Library, at available under a CC BY-NC 4.0 AU

APA Style

A great deal of instructors and publications require writers to use the American Psychological Association Style.  Here are some helpful sites for using APA style

Learning APA Style

APA Style Quick Reference

APA Cheat Sheet

Microsoft Office APA-Style Templates

MLA Style

The Modern Language Association (MLA) is another prominent documentation system. 

MLA Style Center

Purdue Online Writing Lab: MLA Format

Microsoft Office Templates for MLA-Style Paper

Publication Citation Methods

Certain standards for academic papers are made by different organizations.  Your instructors will tell you which documentation and style format they want you to use.  There a several different manuals outlining citation and reference standards, but the main ones used in academic settings are APA and MLA.

As a WVU-Tech student, you have free access to End Note, which allows you to create an account, save your articles, format in-paper citations, and generate a works cited page. Here's a screen-shot of the main page so you can see the options available yourself.