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English 101 and 102: Finding Articles

This research guide will help you find quality information to support the ideas you write in your essays. It also provides resources to assist in proper citation.

Databases A to Z

Identifying Scholarly Articles

Searching for Articles

Begin searching for articles by going to the library's web page and click on the Articles tab.

*Don't forget to check the peer reviewed box if you want scholarly articles!

Remember, search by keyword not by phrase.

I got 157,861 search results! HELP!

Don't panic; that's pretty typical. Try adding keywords to narrow down your results.  If you searched "West Virginia" and "addiction," try adding "heroin" or "opioid" or "legislation" or other words that will give you more targeted results.  

Choose "WVU Tech" instead of Libraries Worldwide.  This will ensure you get the articles available through Tech's subscriptions.

To access the article you want, click on the title, then choose "view full text."