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African-American Literature: Evaluating Information

Welcome to the WVU Tech African-American Literature guide. This guide shares available resources to help you locate information relevant to studies in African-American literature.

Identifying and Evaluating Information

Web Resources  vs  Research/Academic Databases
  • Anyone can contribute
  • Contains peer-reviewed articles
  • Information may not be accurate
  • Written by experts
  • Information may be outdated
  • Reviewed by experts
  • Author may be biased
  • Vendors & publishers credible
  • Information not reviewed by experts

Evaluating Information - Apply the CRAAP Test

Internet Domains

It is important to know who is sponsoring the content on the internet. Which one is more trustworthy than the other?

  • State & Federal Agencies: .gov  *considered credible
  • Educational Institutions: .edu  *considered credible
  • non-profit organization: .org  (may contain some bias)
  • commercial entity: .com (commercial - may be selling a product or service)
  • Internet Service Providers: .net (net access provider)