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First Year Seminar: Library & Information Module: Getting to know the library

This guide will help new students become oriented with library resources and services, as well as becoming acquainted with some research basics.

Library Organization

WVU Tech Library uses the Library of Congress Classification System, or LC for short, to organize it's collections. LC is an alpha-numeric system using letters and numbers in the call numbers. Call numbers are usually located on the spine of a book, and are used to help locate a book on the shelf.

According to the LC system, knowledge is organized by main classes and subclasses.

Items organized in the B main class are materials about Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion. Below, are a few more examles.To view the entire LC outline go to

C -     Auxiliary Sciences of History

D -     World History and History of Europe, Asia, Africa, etc.

E-F -  History of the Americas

K -     Law

P -     Language and Literature

R -     Medicine

T -     Technology

Call Numbers

Call numbers help to locate a book in the library and on the shelf. Each book has a unique call number based on the Library of Congress Classification System, and shelved in order according to the call number. Below, the call numbers are in the order you would find them on the shelf. 

For example, books found under the main class P section are items that are classed under language and literature. When you break it down even further, books in the PA section are books on Greek and Latin language and literature. The first set of numbers are treated as whole numbers and PS55 comes before PS130. The second number is referred to as the cutter number and treated as a decimal. G284 comes before G38. *Add a zero at the end of G38 to help you understand why G284 comes before G38* In some cases, there are two cutter number lines for some books.





















Library Information Glossary